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OM Hindus is Malaysia’s ultimate solution provider for Indians and Hindu Temples on Information Technology and Unity Prosperity. We have created many structured solutions platforms which able to reach and help the community to develop their socially and economic status without a single cost. OM Hindus platform strictly concentrates on Hindu Culture, Heritage, Art and Scriptures where we ensure this knowledge reaches to the younger generation who will lead the country in near future. We at OM are always finding ways to support the existence and the future of our Indian’s in Malaysia through our IT and CSR initiatives emphasising on our Culture and Heritage.

We ensure our community benefits from our support in our National Exam Preparation, Online Business Platform, Managing the community’s needs through Temple platform, Educate the knowledge of our culture and scriptures through online. We also ensure to share information and events happening in Malaysia, all this support will be provided by our platform for the betterment of the society and the future of our Malaysian Indians.

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To empower the unity among the community towards prosperity which will secure the future of our youth, also equipped them with the knowledge of Hinduism and its philosophy of live, science and culture which will mould them towards humanity and responsibility.

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  • Activate selected Hindu Temples to be a Community Centre which will function as a Service Centre providing community support programs and basic needs of our Community.
  • To unite targeted Indian community to function towards one direction, which will lift up the economy of our community.
  • To ensure the younger generation are monitored and guided in two major field Education and Entrepreneurship which help to prosper the financial status of the families.
  • To ensure the selected community for this initiative must obtain a Basic Hinduism Certification and expertise the knowledge of Hinduism and the science beneath this philosophy.


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[rt_timeline style=”style-2″][rt_tl_event month=”June” year=”2014″ title=”OM HINDUS PROVIDING DIGITAL INFORMATION TO DEVOTEES”]OM Hindus was establish with the motive of being a digital platform sharing Hindu information in temples. We created the World’s First Centralised Information Screen in 15 leading temples in Malaysia providing Digital Information to Devotees[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event month=”April” year=”2015″ title=”LAUNCHED OM HINDUS WEBSITE”]OM Hindus launched its website and social media platform sharing Hinduism information nationwide and worldwide on Malaysian festivals and events related to Hindu Temples.[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event month=”October” year=”2016″ title=”LAUNCHED ITS E-LEARNING SYSTEM”]OM Hindus then launched its e-learning system educating Malaysian Indians on Hinduism knowledge like (Basic Hinduism, Thirumurai and more) we also provide knowledge on national examination.[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event month=”May” year=”2017″ title=”FREE BUSINESS PLATFORM FOR INDIAN ENTREPRENEUR”]OM Hindus further worked on creating a Classifieds side providing
FREE business platform for Indian Entrepreneur to benefits from this platform. We provide FREE marketing and product exposure to various countries Worldwide[/rt_tl_event][rt_tl_event month=”October” year=”2018″ title=”CUSTOMER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM”]OM Hindus have incorporated CRM (Customer Resource
Management System) which is used to track and manage the Indian Community who visits temple often. This information helps us to track and coordinate services to the needed Indians.[/rt_tl_event][/rt_timeline]
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